If you’re a craft person it doesn’t take long for paper, glue, thread, beads, yarn, or fabric to take over your life. Craft storage is difficult because it needs to be available when you have time and out of sight when you’re too busy.

It needs to be easy to use without being in the way of your day to day life. Here are 10 products to organize your craft supplies that keep things exactly as they should be.

    This may appear to be the ultimate craft table, but it is actually not for crafts and technically not a table. It is sold as a kitchen cart, and Better Homes & Gardens took it out of the kitchen and transformed it into the ultimate craft storage for small spaces. It is small enough to keep in a corner or closet and large enough to keep everything ready when you need it.


    If you have lots of small pieces, Home Depot might be the place to start. This began as a garage organizer for nails and screws. A little paint and scrapbook paper, and now it’s ready to organize supplies of the slightly more feminine type.


    While you’re in the garage or home improvement store looking for a hardware organizer, peruse down the toolbox aisle and check out the possibilities. This amazing tool box has been completely transformed into a crafters paradise with plenty of room for everything.


    I love these hanging shelves and am always finding new ways to use them. Yarn storage is a genius idea! They would also work for bead crafts, paper crafts, or fabric storage.


    This is a rotating tabletop carousel that is beautiful and functional. Can you imagine filling up this little guy with beautiful beads, jewelry supplies, craft items, or school supplies? The possibilities are truly limitless.


    Every good storage system starts with a set of clear drawers. This is a great piece that you can find just about anywhere. The wheels are nice because it allows you a bit more mobility than standard storage, and the clear drawers allow you to quickly find what you’re looking for.


You can find these at Joann’s Fabric. 

    If you’re looking to get things off the counter or clear up your table space, look to the wall for a hanging organization center. This one from Michael’s is designed for small embellishments and is small enough to fit in a closet or small corner space.


    Clear storage boxes make amazing craft storage. They are versatile and stackable, so you can see everything you need, and then tuck them away when you’re all done. They are perfect for small items like jewelry, sewing, paper embellishment, art supplies, etc.


    A bathroom caddy makes a great place to store craft supplies. It has plenty of storage and is easy to put away when you’re all done. This makes a great way to store kids supplies as well.


 I totally saved the best for last in my opinion, I have one of these carts and have used it for everything from scrapbook paper to vinyl storage, the possibilities are literally limitless, and it’s super cute to boot!