Neighborhood Christmas gifts can be so expensive, or are they? Of course we all want to show our neighbors that we care, but often times neighborhood gifts just add to the expense of the holiday season.

It seems like a simple idea, but once you multiply even the smallest item by 5 or 10 neighbors, it can add up quickly. Here are a few ideas for Christmas neighborhood gifts that really are both inexpensive, easy to buy or make a few dozen at a time, and best of all – simple to pull together.


Baking is one of the most popular neighborhood gifts because it is a) inexpensive, b) unique, and c) delicious. These packages of bread from Eat Sleep Make are beautiful and inexpensive. If you’re not a baker, you can also purchase small loaves of bread in bulk from a local bakery and the work is done for you.

Neighbor Gifts.2


Painted Cork Coasters

I love the idea of a personalized gift for the home like these painted cork coasters. You can customize them with Christmas shapes, family initials, or holiday colorful patterns to use for Christmas morning through New Years Eve.

Neighbor Gifts.4


Hand Warmers

I love a gift that is actually useful. These hand warmers from Swoon Studio fit the bill and are easy to make. Everyone in the family can benefit from a hand warmer in their pocket on their way to work, school, or on the slopes.

Neighbor Gifts 6

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Did you know you can make your own vanilla extract?! It’s a great holiday gift because it’s completely distinctive, surprisingly beautiful, and ridiculously easy. You’ll need to start early because it takes 8 weeks for the extract to be ready for use, but your neighbors will think of you every time they bake.

Neighbor Gifts.7


Ornament Filler

Filling ornaments is a great idea because it doesn’t take much to fill up and look super cute. Whether you fill them with candy, décor, or spices, it doesn’t take much to whip up several of these darling filled ornaments.

Neighbor Gifts.8


Christmas in a Jar

Wanna know the best part of Christmas? The smell. MMmmmm, let’s stop and imagine that for a moment. Better yet, let’s create the smell of Christmas in a jar. Basic ingredients make a big impact. I love this idea so much I might just keep it around year ‘round.

Neighbor Gifts.9


Paper Plate Cookie Basket

If you always deliver your famous Christmas cookies, make the packaging creative and inexpensive with this DIY cookie basket made from a basic paper plate.

Neighbor Gifts.10

Roasted Nuts

For my family nuts is a Christmas essential, and when they are covered is yummy sweetness they are all the more delicious.  Using a crockpot method makes these nuts an easy option.   

Crockpot Roasted Sugared Pecans 3


Creamy Caramels

This is possibly the cheapest gift on the list.  In 1 hour you could have 80 servings of sweet creamy caramels.  Wrap your caramels in 4” squares of wax paper, then fill a cute container full.  These can be made weeks ahead as well, can you tell they are my personal favorite?

nieghbor gifts 11

Redbox Codes:

This isn’t homemade but just too good to not make the list.  You can purchase redbox codes for $1, and sometimes you might get 2 for $1. A movie is something any family or individual can enjoy. Package it with a bag of popcorn or movie theatre box-style candy and you have a great gift for less than $2 each.

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