The laundry room is my least favorite room in the house. It could be because mine is waaaaay too small and basically serves as the black hole of the household. Things go in, and somehow never make their way out. The laundry room is often the necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be!

I am on the hunt for simple ways to make my laundry room more functional and beautiful, so that I don’t loathe every moment I spend in there. I found some great ideas from some super creative (and organized) individuals that have motivated me enough to make a real change in my own laundry room!

    I love the pedestals under my washer and dryer, but I REALLY love this idea of a DIY pedestal system that holds laundry baskets. This is pure genius.


    Hangers are often the source of laundry room clutter, they are hard to keep straight and always coming and going in and out of the room. This system solves both problems. Basic shelf holders originally come white, but a little spray paint brings a bright and colorful accent to the room.



    Truth be told, I don’t own an ironing board. It got so old and warped several months ago that I had to get rid of it and haven’t replaced it. Now I’m thinking that perhaps this is a much better solution that is much easier to store.  laundry-3

    Be ready to tackle any stain you come across with a stain center that is as cute as it is functional. Keep everything you need within arms reach when and where you need it most. It also has the very popular farmhouse style feel.  I love it. 


    I love the bright blue color scheme of these ideas, especially the solution for lost socks – what a great idea for tracking down the missing sock that always seems to go missing.laundry-5


    Every laundry room needs a spare change jar, and this is a great solution that can be hung on the wall and out of the way.laundry-6

    Can you believe that this mobile laundry station was actually created by the man of the house? What a handy guy to have around! This is perfect for sorting, moving, and organizing every load.laundry-7

    The top of my washer and dryer are a gathering place for clutter. This wood top gives a clean countertop space that allows you to store important items without things falling up, over, and around the washer and dryer.laundry-8

    No room for a drying rack? No problem! You can create a DIY drying rack that hangs on the wall when you need it, and stays out of the way when you don’t.laundry-9

 Talk about maximizing space! This is a great way to use a small amount of space to store all of your cleaning supplies in one place.laundry-10