Tidy little piles of mail, neatly stacked papers, a countertop of knick knacks, and bookshelves sorted by author does not mean you are organized. Organized is a lifestyle, it’s a series of habits that lead to the elimination of piles, the conquering of clutter, and the path to an orderly, simplified, calm, and peaceful home.

Here’s a few mistakes you might be making that are contributing to the mess.  

Big Furniture

Too many pieces of furniture that is oversized makes a room look smaller and closed-in. If you have a small family, you don’t need big furniture. Select a few pieces that are comfortable, beautiful, and functional.


Stuffing Cabinets

If you open your cabinets to find generation’s worth of mismatched dishes, stacks of toppling cups, or a mountain of Tupperware, it’s time to clean out. Being organized means being choosy and keeping only what you actually need and use.

Skipping Paper Storage

You gather papers all day. School papers, work papers, store receipts, invoices, bills, notices, certificates, forms, and the list goes on. Give everything a home, even the junk mail. Don’t let papers pile up, take care of them as soon as you walk in the door.


Using the Fridge

The giant magnet in your kitchen is the number one source of kitchen clutter. If you fill your fridge with full of notes, letters, art projects, and last years Christmas cards, it’s a problem. Keep a separate bulletin board for lists and reminders that is neatly tucked away, and not in the middle of the kitchen. When the board is full, clean it off before adding more to it.

Skipping Labels

Once you have organized an area, you have to label it. No one is perfect and a label is a constant reminder of what belongs and what doesn’t. It helps prevent you from throwing something in the drawer or closet that doesn’t belong.


Too Many Pictures

We all love our families, but we don’t need 47 pictures on the mantel. Picture frames and knick knacks are a great way to collect dust and create clutter. You can create a nice gallery wall of photos, or a beautifully hung collection, but not too many and not overdone.

Toy Overload

Even if you are lucky enough for a dedicated toy room, if the space is beginning to look like FAO Schwartz, you probably have too many toys. Keep toys in only one or two locations, and eliminate any toys your kids don’t use on a daily basis.  


You can ruin a beautiful living space with dangling cords. Wires are always an eyesore. Make your own backing, run them through the wall, or use a cord organizer to hide them.


Displaying your Library

Unless you have an actual library in your home, don’t create one by displaying every paperback you own, especially the ones that are bent, broken, or nearly falling apart. A nice display of beautiful books is enough.

Shopping First

A lot of people get super excited about organizing and so they go buy a bunch of cute bins and a label maker before they even start. The first step in organizing is to get clutter out, not bring more stuff in.



Staying organized is a daily task, it has to be a priority every day. Piled up laundry, stacked mail, or overfilled junk drawers is the result of procrastination. Spend a little bit more time staying on top of it, and it will make all the difference.