No matter what the rest of your house looks like, it always seems that friends and family tend to mingle in the kitchen. It is the default gathering place in our home, which means it is always the first place to catch clutter, and the last place to get picked up at the end of the day.  Learn how to organize your kitchen. 

Of course we all wish for the beautiful kitchens that flock the Food Network, but in the meantime, here are some of the best hacks for organizing small kitchens that make even the tiniest spaces feel gourmet.


    If there is one rule for utilizing kitchen space it is to utilize the space above the cabinets.  This shelf above the cabinets creates a hidden gold mine of storage possibilities.


    Free up some cupboard space by using the giant magnet in the kitchen as a storage space for spice jars. This creates a cute, organized area for spices, and gives you back valuable cupboard space you can use for something else.


    If you have little to no pantry space, add additional shelves around the corner, down the hall, or anywhere you have space. Open shelving adds a beautiful element as well as plenty of additional storage where you need it most.

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    If you’re looking for additional storage for your pots and pans, look up! A pot rack is a great way to bring in additional storage without using all your existing cupboard space.


    This is a genius idea to use magazine holders for holding baking pans. They are the perfect size, and make a much more attractive addition than shoving all your pans in the bottom of a cupboard.


    Utilize that empty space next to the fridge with this roll-out pantry from Instructables that you can make in an afternoon.  



    To maximize space, be sure you are using every side of your cabinets, especially those outside edges that are normally left unattended. Martha Stewarts hangs her most commonly used utensils on the outside so they are always on hand.

I love this idea of using common bookshelves as additional storage as an open pantry. It is easy to see what you have, and (as long as they are kept organized), it looks neat and tidy in any space.



    Make your drawers work overtime with this double-duty drawer organizer that gives you twice the space.


 If you have a small kitchen, the last thing you need is more clutter covering up the front of the fridge. Keep your important papers, calendars, and to-do lists out of sight by using the inside of a cupboard door instead.


 Make use of the backsplash by adding additional basket storage, this is an adorable way to add storage space and style to your kitchen.