October is time to break out the spider webs, tombstones and Halloween wreaths to get your home ready for the spookiest season of the year. For a lot of us, Halloween decorations are mostly focused outdoors. Cute, spooky, or over-the-top decorations meant to invite (or scare) trick-or-treaters during the evening.

Bringing the Halloween décor inside can transform your home into a real-life haunted mansion. Whether for a Halloween party, or just for the love of this creepy season, here are 12 DIY Halloween décor ideas for the interior of your home.

    This entry table is guaranteed to stop guests in their tracks, and the best news is, it’s just old twigs and some spray paint. Add a few cobwebs and apothecary jars and you’re all set.decor-1


    Cheesecloth cobwebs is one of the best ways to incorporate simple spooky décor. Drape it over furniture, tables, or doorways to complete the look.don-tuse-decor-2


    I also love this idea of draping the doorways. Especially if you’re hosting a Halloween party, what a fun way to liven up the space. You could use light hearted monster prints for kids, or real dark and spooky fabrics for adults only.dont-use-decor-3


    This is such a great way to use your fireplace during Halloween. It’s generally not cold enough for a real fire, so fill it with Jack-o-Lanterns and enjoy the ambiance of flickering flames. decor-4http://www.hiphipgingin.com/2010/10/04/fireplace-pumpkins/

    Replace all those beautiful flowers in your home with black roses. The good news is these are roses you can make yourself and use year after year.



    Take out the family pictures, and replace frames with creepy prints. This idea from Design Sponge is one of my favorites because it’s super easy to do at the last minute.


    Not sure what to do or how to do it? Take whatever you have, and cover it in black matte spray paint. Amazingly, it comes together and creates the most perfect Halloween mantel.decor-7


    How cute is this lampshade for Halloween? The green base is perfect for this idea, but you could also use the same idea with any color of lamp base.decor-8


    Cheap plastic skulls from the dollar section and a terra cotta saucer combine to create the ultimate creepy candlestick at a fraction of the cost.decor-9


 This is one of my favorite Halloween mantels. Keep the family photographs, but make them all black and white, and go crazy with the frames. It creates a crazy and creepy display that I’m completely obsessed with.decor-10


 To me, this is the ultimate Halloween dinner party. It’s dark, creepy, and completely elegant. This would be a great way to kick off an adult costume party.dont-use-decor-11


 Remember those cute birdhouses you used in the spring? Transform them for fall with black spray paint and you have created your own spooky village.decor-12