I have a lot of makeup.

I’m not talking about a few shadows and a couple of different blush tones. I’m talking about enough makeup to supply an entire TV Crew through the first four seasons of the Bachelor. That a LOT of Makeup. 

If I can have a little peace and quiet in the morning to take myself from dead mommy to decent with a little makeup I am instantly a happier person. However, if I spend my precious morning minutes trying to find my favorite brush in the bottom of a box, all time is wasted.

Before I know it, there is a tiny army of little people I made myself wanting breakfast and cartoons and diaper changes and their adorable little fingers start to appear under the bathroom door and my moment of peace is gone.

Keeping my makeup organized is one of the best ways to stay efficient with my time so I can have a happy and productive morning instead of a mad dash out the door every single day. Here are a few of my favorite tricks to keeping your makeup organized.

    I have never seen something like this before and it’s pure genius. Keep all your pallets in a row using a file folder holder from the office supply store. I love that they are kept upright, available, and of course they look pretty.


    Currently my hair products roll around in my bottom drawer like bowling balls and it drives me crazy. This wine holder is a great way to keep them organized so you can see what you have and grab what you need.


    This holder is actually a plant stand from IKEA, but it makes a great way to store and separate your brushes. I don’t have quite that many brushes, but I could easily use one section to hold lip glosses, mascara, or anything that is in a tube.

    This is pure heaven in a drawer. Who knew that ice cube trays could be the perfect size for eye shadow pallets? This is great for makeup because chances are your concealer, blush, and several other small products would work perfectly in this as well.

    Remember those retro storage containers for straws? They happen to make the best storage for makeup brushes. Keep your brushes contained and covered so they stay nice and clean.

    Ok, that is a LOT of lipstick, but isn’t is beautiful! I love this idea of using a shoe holder behind the door. It’s an easy way to give lots of extra storage. Although I’m not sure I could fill it entirely with lipstick, I am willing to give it a try.


    This is another steal from IKEA. The rods and baskets in their organization department have so much potential. I love them for storing makeup because it’s versatile. You can add different shapes and sizes of baskets to create exactly what you need.

    Can you believe that this is paper? It’s true. These storage containers are actually designed to hold stationary, but they make a perfect solution for keeping all your makeup in a small space.



    This beautiful makeup organizer is actually created out of old candle jars, but you could create a similar idea with any glass jars you can find.

 I have one of these carts from IKEA and it is quite possibly the greatest IKEA purchase ever. It’s cute, versatile and perfect for an apartment or dorm where you don’t’ have a lot of room to get ready, just wheel it over to your couch or bed and you have everything you need within reach. When you’re done, put it in a corner and it’s out of the way and doesn’t take up any room.


 What an elegant way to store your makeup brushes. These are simple square glass jars, but the personalization with the vinyl makes them perfectly pretty and oh-so-fancy.

 You know those fancy travel kits? Turns out, you can use them even if you’re not traveling. This is a great solution for keeping your makeup organized when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.