No matter how much bottling of fruit, salsa and tomatoes that I do each year, it seems that I always have superfluous mason jars.  Turns out that they’re great for so many things and I use them for tons of other uses.  Here are some of my favorite DIY Mason Jar Christmas projects.

I absolutely love these tiny snow globes.  There are so many miniatures just hanging around the house or available at craft stores and online.  They’re easy to make and look adorable in groupings in your Christmas decor or as gifts.


Luminaries are really popular in my town but I’ve given up fussing with burning or soggy bags and the mason jars are the perfect answer.  A little frosted glass spray paint turns them into beautiful luminaria.


A little paint and creativity makes these darling rustic snowmen.  


I had no idea that I could paint my mason jars into snowmen and attach small solar units to them, making them light during the night.  Such a great idea!


Mason jars are great for gifts and you can turn them into clever kits for anyone!  For the DIY crafter include a sanding block, measuring tape, baker’s twine, super glue, gift tags, and pens.  Make one for your spa friends, your mom, coffee lovers, co-workers, neighbors and your kids’ teachers filled with appropriate items.


Fill jars with a variety of tasty treats that your gift recipient can use later such as hot chocolate mix, cookie mix, soup mix, or potpourri.



Did you know that your mason jar can become a soap dispenser?  Perfect.  


These salt and pepper shakers are so cute for anytime of the year.  Simply punch holes in the lids.  They’ll make great gifts or a perfect accompaniment to your own holiday table.  Make small sets from jelly jars and give to guests as favors.


A painted mason jar can serve as a sturdy and attractive tissue holder.  Paint it in Christmas colors for the holidays.


These frosty snowmen are so cute and an easy craft even for kids.  


What mom or grandma, teacher or childcare worker wouldn’t love one of these darling handprint jars.  Using the child’s handprint as Santa’s beard, these colorful jars can be used as a pencil jar, candy jar or many other uses.  


Don’t look past the rims and lids.  In this case, wrap rims with jute, multi-purpose twine, braided silk cord, ribbon, or lace.  Trim and embellish and hang on the tree.  


Another popular mason jar lid ornament is achieved by painting the lid with chalkboard paint, glue inside the rim and trim with jute or ribbon.


 Jars are front and center in this festive and easy centerpiece idea.  Epsom salts provide the “snow” and stabilize candles.  Fresh cranberries and pine sprigs complete the look.