One of the most intimidating aspects of moving into a new space is the blank walls that surround you. Four walls of pure possibility. Fresh, clean paint without fingerprints, holes, or mistakes. A new blank canvas that can be transformed into anything you can dream up.

Of course you can do a gallery wall, but that trend can be overdone quickly. No worries, we have gathered the some of the best ways to use the space on your walls to create a work of art you can be proud of.

    If you are running a home, family, or business, a command center should be top of your list of wall space. It is a great use of prime real estate to keep everyone organized.Walls.1

    To add a pop of color to the room, consider a statement wall with a mixture of color and pattern.


    Vinyl wall art is a great way to make a statement, without the permanent nature of paint. This makes it great for kids rooms, or rentals.


    Too much wall space in the bedroom? Create a beautiful headboard as the focal point of the entire room.


    Gallery walls seem to be the hottest trend, but I love the simplicity of giant, oversized quotes, words, phrases, or lyrics. It brings a simple beauty to the space.


    You can also use wall space as more function than beauty. This is perfect for small areas behind doors or in a hallway where you need a little extra storage.


    Wall art also doesn’t have to be expensive. Use Styrofoam and some of your favorite fabric to create a beautiful work of art that is inexpensive and simple to do.


    This clipboard version of a gallery wall makes it easy to swap out photos without taking anything on an off the wall, simply use a clipboard and hang what you love.


    I love the idea of a giant clock on the wall, it is definitely a statement piece, and you’ll always be on time.


 Shelves are perhaps my most favorite way to decorate a wall. They add dimension, character, and give more versatility than a gallery wall.


 I love this idea of giant initials above the bed. It reminds me of the old tradition of carving your initials into a tree, but this way you can see it every day.


 Starburst mirrors are making a comeback in a big way, and arranging them together is a great way to make a statement piece in any home. It looks great in an entry, hallway, or stair landing.


 These wall shelves are to die for, I know I already said I love shelves, but these are like built in cubbies that have storage above and inside! Winner!


 If you aren’t really an artsy person, consider a map as wall art. It’s classic, easy to find, and you don’t have to pretend to be an aficionado.


 I love the idea of a giant mirror on the wall, it makes any space look bigger, and is completely versatile.