Can you believe that it was less than two decades ago that The Elf of the Shelf book was published?  Since then, these spunky little elves, helping Santa maintain his naughty and nice lists, have wreaked havoc in homes at Christmastime throughout the world.  My kids love it when our elf, Rusty, comes to visit.  

There are hundreds of clothing and accessory kits for elves out there, but let’s be honest.  It’s late at night, you’re falling asleep and remember, “Oh no! I didn’t move the elf!” So, I love to find quick and easy ideas that I haven’t used before.  Here are some I plan to use this year.  

Welcome your elf with a fabulous breakfast.


I love this basketball hoop made from a pudding cup and paper.  You can just tape it to the wall.  


Elves like marshmallow baths, it’s good for their skin.  And don’t be surprised if some little snitchers go for a taste.


Frozen lovers will be delighted to find their elf hiding in a stack of toilet paper snowmen.


Oh no! The elf got sucked up in the vacuum.  This is really perfect for a child who has the job to vacuum that day.  Sprinkle a little glitter on the floor to add to the merriment.


I try to keep my elves more mischievous than actually naughty (less to explain to the kids) but sometimes, they just need a hug.



Hide your elf in the refrigerator in a snap, wrapped in a little cozy cloth.  The kids will be looking for him all day.  


This one just makes me laugh.  A spunky elf makes minions out of bananas.  


Elves like to play and a dish of rice is the perfect place to make a snow angel.  And, then some dinner.


Syrup is one of the elves’ food groups, right?  So, stick a straw in the syrup and let him enjoy.


He ate all the ice cream! (Okay, well, maybe you can help him before you go to bed.  I plan to)


Elves love s’mores just like we do.  Let him roast one up with a battery-operated candle.  Maybe the kids would like to make some later, too.


Is it movie night?  Your elf can get things poppin’ with a little popcorn.


I love that this hard-working elf on the shelf gets a spa day! I want one too.


Cleaning supplies are easily on hand, so put your elf to work cleaning.  A good example to the kids, too.


Okay, there’s just no way that your kids are not going to be rolling on the floor laughing at an elf who takes a little flight in someone’s underpants.  



If you do have a little time to prep this Elf on the shelf idea, blue jello makes the perfect spot for your elf to feed the ducks.  Darling.