Fussy floral arrangements with tapered candles are lovely, but not always the most practical or cost efficient centerpieces Thanksgiving.  Your table should reflect your own style and be comfortable for your guests. Check out these Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas to give your home the perfect Thanksgiving ambience.

    Ella Claire Inspired used small pumpkins as an adorable and inexpensive centerpiece, they also double for place cards.

20 Thanksgiving.1

    Love the simple elegance of this setting idea from Lemon Thistle

20 Thanksgiving.2

    This is a beautiful and elegant Thanksgiving display with a little bit of bling.

20 Thanksgiving.3

    I love mason jars, and the bright white against fall florals is amazing.

20 Thanksgiving.4

    This is a great idea for a mingling activity, makes super cute décor, and helps guests remember what Thanksgiving is all about.

20 Thanksgiving.5

    Apple votives give off a beautiful soft light as well as a sweet and pleasant aroma.

20 Thanksgiving.6

    I love the simplicity of the wheat on this centerpiece from Country Living

20 Thanksgiving.7

    This tea light log is an elegant way to make a statement piece without a lot of effort. Best of all? It sits low so you can still see your guests over your centerpiece.

20 Thanksgiving.8

    Pine cones are easy to find just about anywhere, this centerpiece is minimal effort but makes a beautiful impact.

20 Thanksgiving.9


 Elegant and classy with white and burlap décor from Shanty 2 Chic. This can be used as a centerpiece, name tags, or kitchen décor.

20 Thanksgiving.10

 Got popcorn? That’s all you need to create festive and easy decorations from plain candles.

20 Thanksgiving.11


 This is a simple and beautiful way to display flowers with a paper bag, twine, and vase of florals. Smaller versions would be beautiful for the center of any Thanksgiving table.

20 Thanksgiving.12

 This is a spellbinding display of floating candles atop twigs is beautiful, and virtually free. It can be made in a variety of sizes depending on the size of your table.

20 Thanksgiving.13

 Going for a simplistic look? Don’t underestimate the power of twigs in a vase, it’s a statement piece all on its own.

20 Thanksgiving.14

 Kids might not like pie, but they always love Rice Krispy treats, combine dessert with a colorful centerpiece that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

20 Thanksgiving.15

 Thumbtacks and gourds combine to make a beautiful modern twist on classic fall décor.20 Thanksgiving.16


 A good centerpiece brings color and life to the table without interfering with the meal or conversation among the guests. This is a perfect example of a centerpiece that accomplishes that. 

20 Thanksgiving.17

 A simple addition transforms everyday candles into the perfect fall centerpiece

20 Thanksgiving.18

 If you’re serving buffet style, this little element of fun fall décor is the perfect addition.

20 Thanksgiving.19


 Love this combination of pumpkins and flowers from DIY Candy.

20 Thanksgiving.20