I love wreaths. I love them for every season of the year, and I love them for every room in my house. Floral, modern, rustic, grapevine, or burlap, I love them all. They look beautiful on the front door to welcome guests and friends. They are a great way to bring a little life and color to a closet door, or hallway. I love to put small wreaths on my cabinets, or even hang them on the mantel. A wreath can be a beautiful addition to a gallery wall, bedroom, or kitchen. However, every wreath has something in common: they are hung.

Wreaths are meant to be hung, no matter where they may be, they should be hanging, and that includes when they are in storage. The one and only way to effectively store your wreaths is to hang them. There are a couple of different ways you can do this.

Coat Rack

An old coat rack makes the perfect place to hang wreaths while they are in storage, you can put the rack in your basement or garage and know that your wreaths are happy and safe until it is their time to be displayed again. Each wreath is covered with a garbage sack, and zip ties make it easy to hang and protect each piece individually.dont-use-wreaths-2

    Wire shelves

You can use hangars and garbage sacks to hold each wreath, and hang the entire collection from a wire shelf. This shelf is in the garage, but you can also use wire shelves in a basement or storage area. This is a great way to put wire shelving to use. Wire shelving is also an inexpensive storage option for organizing your basement or garage.

I saved the easiest for last.  I personally hook my wreaths in a closet under my stairs, along with all my other seasonal decorations.  Use a nail or command strips along the wall to store those wreaths out of your way.