Every app has an icon, and every phone has dozens of apps, but only one home screen. To avoid letting your home screen look like an episode of Hoarders use these four steps to a cleaner Android homepage.

There is one simple setting that Android users can chance that will help keep your phone clean and tidy. First, locate the Settings menu inside Google Play and then find the box “Add icons to the home screen.” This is a default setting, and puts every new app on the home screen, uncheck the box and the app will now show up in the “app drawer” instead. Then, you have the ability to pick and choose which ones show up on your home screen.

To continue to access your apps without a cluttered screen, create a folder on your home screen and drag similar apps into the folder. You can give your folders different names, emojis, and categories. This way, you still have access to all your apps and you also have a clean and clear homepage.

 Once your homepage is clean, you still might want to clean out what is actually going on inside your phone. There are several apps that can perform a digital spring cleaning, but Clean Master is one of the best on the market. It cleans out your device, removes junk, improves performance, and keeps your information safe.

Other similar apps include CCleaner, which is mostly used to free up disk space, Startup Manager, that speeds up the booting process, and Duplicate Contacts, which ensures that you aren’t using up space with duplicate contacts, especially if you have hundreds (or thousands) of contacts.

Now that your home screen is clean and your phone is decluttered, it’s time to make your phone pretty again. There are several apps that allow you to completely customize your home page and lock screen. Arrow Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Go Launcher are just a few of the apps worth looking into to breath a whole new life into your phone.

These allow you to personalize your home pages so you can make your phone exactly as you want it. Keep your most important apps close and arrange the others so they are both easy to find and out of the way.


Who said spring cleaning is all about dust bunnies and window cleaning? Most of us keep our phones within arms length 24 hours a day, if it’s important enough to look at every hour, it’s worth keeping tidy and organized.

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