Bicycles, boots, backpacks, and basketballs are only the beginning of the mountain of stuff that fills up the garage. If you can manage to actually fit a vehicle in your garage, you should count yourself lucky!

Too many Americans find themselves parking their cars outside because the garage is full of….well, stuff. We will walk you through step-by-step organizing a small garage and making the most of the space you have. A little TLC and you can get your car off the driveway and back in the garage where it belongs.

Start with Zones

I preach zones in any and all spaces in your home. Create zones so you know where things belong. Everywhere has a home when the space is organized into different zones. Start with the 6 basic garage zones recommended by Mike Foti at Innovate Home: transition, need it now, long and thing, large storage, and everyday items.


The transition area is the Welcome Home area, where you transition from inside to out, and vice versa. This is where you drop your shoes, pick up an umbrella, or grab a coat.  


Need it now

These are things that are slightly inconvenient, but you need them everyday, like the recycling bins, dog food, brooms, etc. Keep them near the door, but off the floor so they don’t end up in a pile.


Long and thin 

This is the area where you store things like garden tools, extra wood, pipe, ladders, etc. The long and thin storage is best used in the space between the wall and where you open your car doors. There isn’t a lot of space there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the little that is available.

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    Large Storage

Large storage is inevitable. You need somewhere to put the Christmas decorations, the hunting gear, camping equipment, sporting goods, etc. The best place for large storage is overhead.


    Everyday Items 

Everyday items need to be close by, but out of the way enough that you don’t have to trip over them every time you step outside. These may include things like gardening tools, spray paint, bike helmets, kids toys, etc.



This is the area for hobbies, projects, and weekend warriors. I love this idea of a collapsible workbench. It provides space to store your tools, and a work area when you need it, that folds down when you aren’t working.