When people contact me to help them organize a space, they always ask one question, “what do I need to buy?” My answer is always the same – nothing. Everyone seems to be convinced that staying organized is expensive.

The truth is, most of the time, you can stay organized using things you already have around the house. Organizing hacks is all about repurposing what you already have to make it work for what you really need. Here are a few of my recent favorite organizing hacks for any home.

CD cases for yarn storage is seriously genius. This is similar to using mason jars screwed under cabinets for small storage, but the fact that the CD case already has a hole to allow the yarn to pull through is perfect.


    I’ve been searching thrift stores for a while to get the perfect set of old books I can use for a knife block. I love the idea because it’s so unexpected. Just be sure to use books you don’t necessarily care about incase a page or two gets sliced over time.


    Every home nowadays needs  charging station, and so instead of going to buy a new one, use your old mail sorter for a new 21st century use. This makes it easy to organize everyone’s electronics, and put them away at the end of the day for family time.


    This is a darling way to create a tiered tray for a bathroom or bedroom. Old dinnerware for jewelry organizer is perfect, especially if perhaps you have some meaningful china from your grandmother or a special teacup you received from a dear friend, you can put it to good use everyday by transforming it into an organizing tray.


    Once the child is grown up, you can repurpose the crib into just about anything. I love this crib to bookcase idea because it allows the crib to continue to be used by the child, which I think is really sweet. I’ve also seen ideas for turning cribs into bike racks, which is a great idea for cribs that are a little worn out.


    No need to spend a lot of money on glass jars for your home. Instead, have some chips and salsa or bread and jam. When you’re done eating, save the glass jars and paint the lids. That’s all it takes to create cute, cheap, apothecary jars for your bathroom.



    If you have wine racks from your wedding, or you’re past your drinking days, there are so many uses for old wine racks including hair supplies, water bottles for kids, or guest towels in the bathroom.


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