We all have things we’d rather not look at. Kids toys littered on the floor. Remote controls that have taken over the coffee table. Mail that needs to be sorted, half-done projects that have no home, and the list goes on and on.

Clutter is a part of everyday living until your in-laws call and they will stop by to visit in 15 minutes, or all of the sudden your best friend from out of town is driving through and wants to spend the night. Luckily, we have gathered all the best ways to hide clutter in less than 30 minutes so your guests see nothing but perfection.


    Find interesting books at the thrift store and use them to create a hidden storage system in your living room!clutter-1


    Use a bookcase, tip it on the side, and use cute bins to hide all your unsightly clutter. No one needs to know what is actually in the bins, as long as they look good, no one will question your intentions.clutter-2


    We all have that one area that we can’t seem to get clean. Sure, you can just closet the door – but if it’s a French door, that doesn’t help. Unless you have the help of some super cute wrapping paper. Hide the mess and add a little style to your space. That’s a win-win!



    Add a shade to your bookshelf to hide items you don’t want seen. It take a messy eyesore and transforms it to an elegant setting. Beautiful!


Hang a curtain! If you don’t have time to organize, simple hang a curtain on a tension rod and hid the mess instead!



    Skirted tablecloths are a great way to hide clutter that you’d rather not be seen by your friends or family. You can use a skirted tablecloth on a cabinet, nighstand, or desk area and keep clutter out of sight.clutter-6

    Look for clutter that doubles as storage. This makes it easy to sweep up the room as soon as guests are on their way!



    This rolling toy box makes clean up a breeze. Simply fill the box and roll the kids clutter right on out of the room.clutter-8

    A beautiful basket is a great way to hide clutter. Your guests will see a beautiful accent piece and won’t have a clue it’s full of all your junk.