If you suffer from tiny bathroom syndrome, welcome to the club. There never seems to be enough space for all the bottles, jars, sprays, gels, and appliances used in the bathroom. Somehow, the tiniest space in the house gets the most use.

To maximize your space, and get the most out of your restroom real estate, here’s a few tips for organizing a small bathroom.


    I love this idea of repurposing a towel rod for hanging baskets on the wall. You can put towels on a hook nearby and use the rods for valuable storage space.


    Don’t neglect the space under the sink. This is a valuable commodity in any bathroom, so maximize the possibilities with under the sink storage solutions.


    Perhaps the most under utilized space is above the door. Martha Stewart makes great use of this space by adding a shelf for storing extra bathroom products.


    The inside of cupboard doors is another area of often-forgotten space. Simple containers attached with command hooks makes an instant storage solution for hair accessories, makeup, or bathroom products.


    If you have the budget, these pull-out drawers from Better Homes & Gardens work perfectly because they keep things organized while keeping your products easily accessible.  



    Make your counter space double instantly by going vertical. A tiered tray is a beautiful way to use counter space, and reduce clutter by keeping things contained.  


    I love these classic white shelves above the toilet, they are a minimalist style that pack a lot of storage into a small space.


    If you have a little bit of time, Shanty 2 Chic has provided a complete tutorial for a built-in mirror storage case that you can add to any bathroom, bedroom, or hallway to instantly create hidden storage.


    I love this idea that uses mason jars as an inexpensive and effective way to corral small items and keep things organized and off the counter top.



 Half table

The bathroom is also the perfect place for a half table, this beautiful bathroom update from Southern Hospitality brings a lot of style to a small space.


 Using hooks for towels is an easy way to make more space that is easier to use than traditional towel rods.  Hooks are easy for kids to use, and they hang nearly twice as many towels in the same space as a towel rod.


 Small spice racks from IKEA make the perfect organizing solutions to make the most out of every tiny space in the bathroom.


Shower caddies aren’t just for showers, they make great organizers for under the sink.


 File boxes are the perfect containers for blow dryers, flatirons, and other bathroom appliances that tend to take up valuable counter space.  


 Adding a second shower rod is a great idea if you only have one bathroom for both adults and kids, you can easily separate shower products and keep them from taking over the bathtub.