There are certain things that you must have around the house that aren’t necessarily “pretty”. These are the necessary evils of your day, they are the laundry hampers, the dirty dishes, the litter box, doggie toys, and the soap dishes. Oh the soap dishes.

I don’t care whether it’s laundry soap, kitchen soap, hand soap, or body wash. Although their purpose is to keep things clean, they all seem to get so dirty with grimy little buildup and endless scum. I’m not sure how that happens, but it does (at least it does in my house).

So I went on the hunt to find some solutions for storing and using soap that is both functional and looks pretty.

    This might be a little too much for the average bathroom, but seriously how cute is this tiered basket for all sorts of different soaps. You could use it in a guest bathroom, or a kids bathroom for different soaps and bath toys. I love the colors and think it looks absolutely beautiful.

    These are gorgeous mason jar containers for the laundry room. I use the huge containers of laundry soap with the built-in spouts, but they always get grimy and gross by the time the container is half gone. These won’t get that buildup and look oh so pretty.

    For powder soap, I love the idea of this is such a pretty display because let’s be honest; laundry soap manufacturers aren’t interested in pretty packaging, they are interested in selling soap. When I put my soap in a pretty container it feels a little more like an elegant activity when really, I’m just doing the laundry. Although I haven’t used clothespins in years, I would still like a pretty jar of them on the shelf just because.

Don’t throw out that empty bottle just yet, it might make the perfect soap container. I love this idea! If whiskey isn’t your thing, you can use an empty Coke bottle, frappucino, or even a jam jar. You can use any empty jar or bottle and transform it into a soap container perfect for the guest room, bedroom or bathroom.  

Etching was a super popular technique several years ago, and is still useful for many applications. This is a simple oil bottle transformed for dish soap. It’s pretty, functional, and looks much better than a giant plastic squeeze bottle on your countertop.

For kids bathrooms, it doesn’t get much cuter than this. All you have to do is remove the label and add some legos, simple as that. You could use any type of plastic toy depending on what your child is interested in. My son would go crazy for mini animals, while my daughter would probably choose an assortment of Barbie shoes. (They never stay on Barbie anyway, so put them on display instead!)


I never thought I’d say that cleaning supplies are beautiful, but this really is quite exquisite. Can you believe that this silver tray is actually an old casserole dish? With the beautiful bottles and accessories, this idea might warrant a trip to the antique store.


Apothecary jars are always one of my favorite ways to decorate. They are classic, versatile, and work in any space. This idea is beautiful to combine bare soap bars with other bathroom necessities in a beautiful display works perfectly.