Sure, you make your bed and put away the laundry, but have you ever really deep cleaned your bedroom? My bedroom is always the last room in the house to get cleaned. Why? Because nobody goes in there. It becomes the dumping ground for everything I want to be out of sight when company comes over, or anything I’m trying to hide from my kids and is always last on the cleaning list.

However, I’m about to change all of that.

Bedrooms are often the breeding ground for germs, infestations, and ill-health. Think about it, you brushing your hair, blow your nose, clean your face, sleep, breathing, (drool?), and all of that can spell germs, germs, germs. If it seems like someone in your house is always sniffling or sneezing, it might be time for a deep down cleaning in your bedroom.

These cleaning tips are from a professional house keeper in the UK who is known for her professional and spotless results fit for royals. If it’s good enough for the Queen of England, it’s good enough for me.


Before you start cleaning prep the room by opening the windows, striping the bed completely, take any laundry to the washing machine and roll up the rugs and take them outside. If possible, move the mattress outside or prop it against the wall.


  •      Start at the highest point in the room, which is probably the light fixture or ceiling fan. Use a damp cloth to clean the lighting.
  •      Work your way down by wiping off the walls, and dusting off pictures, shelves, etc. Pay special attention to light switches, sockets, and door knobs.
  •      Clean the bed frame with a damp cloth including headboard and footboard. If the headboard is cloth, vacuum it with the appropriate attachment.
  •      Grab some help and move the bed to the side to clean under it. Dust gathering under the bed can disrupt your sleep and make you more susceptible to coughs and colds.
  •      Vacuum curtains, clean blinds, and wash windows including tracks and sills.
  •      Vacuum the rest of the room completely, including inside the closet.
  •      Polish mirrors, glass, and electronics.
  •      Remove all items from the nightstand and polish the surface with a damp cloth.
  •      Carefully put things back in place, ensuring that you are eliminating any unnecessary clutter in the process.

For an extra touch, add drawer liners, lavender or cedar wood sachets in drawers, or even scented hangers in the closet.

You will be shocked at how much better you sleep in a room that is fresh and clean. Now lay down and enjoy the fruits of your labor.