Ask what your husband wants for Valentine’s and you’ll probably get one of three classic responses.



Or some version of a grunt, laugh, or sigh.

If you get a different response that actually shows excitement or support of February 14th, let me know how you accomplished that.

Most men don’t care about Valentines day, but they do love to be shown appreciation and respect. After all, they work hard and do a lot for our family, so we need to show these guys how much we love them whether they want it or not. These ideas are great ways to surprised your husband with a little extra love on Valentines day (or any day they need a little pick me up)

    My husband tends to go to bed early and wake up before I do, so this surprise would be perfect for Valentines day. Make them sift through all the love notes to find space to shave.


    You really can’t underestimate the power of a letter, (and handwritten is even better). A love letter or a thoughtful note is often the best gift you can give (and it’s free!)

    What a fun way to use a deck of cards to tell your husband all the ways you love them. Of course you can always flip the cards over and use the for a friendly game of strip poker later. Wink wink.

    I love this idea. Give your husband a date jar to eliminate the never-ending date debate. Pink is favorite restaurants, blue is fun things to do around town, pick one of each and your date night is planned!


    Give your hubby a heart attack! Cover his car, office, or desk in hearts that show him all the things you love about him.


    I was once told that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Fill his private stash of snacks with all his favorites that he doesn’t have to share!