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Confession: I hate grocery shopping. It’s not just that I’d rather not do it, I really truly loathe walking around aisle after aisle. If you have to add kids into the mix and it’s astronomically harder.

To curb this problem and maintain a full pantry, I have come up with one phenomenal tip that organize my shopping trips.  It makes a big difference in being more efficient with my time, finding everything I need, and saving money in the process.

Of course you take a list right? This one might seem like common sense, but a lot of people go into the grocery store completely unprepared. This results in a cart full of Oreo cookies and potato chips meanwhile you still have nothing for dinner.

Your list needs to be large, post it notes get lost and little note pads can become your toddlers sketch book.  My list is printed on an 8×10 standard paper.  Ready for my tremendously helpful tip?

IMG_20160628_094647 (1)

Customized List!

 Any list is great, but an organized list is even better. When you have a moment, grab a map from your favorite store and use it to create a template that categorizes your grocery needs in the same order as your store’s layout.  You don’t go down the aisle that you don’t need to go down.  You walk through the store once, never having to return for the one item you forgot 3 aisles back.  

I wish I could make a PDF of my list for you, but your store layout is different than mine.  That wouldn’t really save you any time.  Take 3 extra minutes and take pictures with your phone to learn what items are on what isle. Go home and using the pictures as you guide, type up the categories in order of the store layout. 


Add certain items that you buy often.  My family loves taco tuesdays, so refried beans is typed on my list so I don’t have to trouble myself with writing out “refried beans” each week. Now leave several blank spaces under each category so that you can write down specific things you need for that week.  

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