If your bathroom countertop looks more like an art studio and you have fifty shades of lipstick rolling around in the bottom drawer, it might be time for a makeup intervention.

Organizing your makeup is the best way to see what you have and stop from hunting down for your favorite eyeliner every morning.

Cleaning out the stash

Despite what you may believe, makeup does not last forever. Using old make up can be dangerous to your health, especially makeup used in or around the eyes. Use this reference from Neat House Sweet House to clean out your old makeup and get rid of colors that aren’t quite what they used to be.   

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Use Office Products for Organization

Of course there are several makeup organizers on the market, but office products are often very similar and significantly less expensive. Scour the office supply store for desk organizers, drawer caddies, and other products that make organizing your makeup a cinch.



Magnet Makeup Board

If you’re low on both counter and drawer space, use the wall by creating a versatile and beautiful magnet makeup board that allows you to keep your makeup within arms reach without cluttering up your bathroom drawers. You can even hang this board in the closet, or behind the door to keep your makeup obsession out of sight.  


Combine Décor and Function

I have one rule in home décor I try to keep above all others: if it has to be out, let it be pretty. If you absolutely have to have your makeup out, use apothecary jars, clear storage containers, and keep things tidy so it maintains the beautiful space and maintains some semblance of counter space available for other things.


Look Behind the Door

These shoe holders are one of the most versatile organizing tools, they literally could be used for just about anything, including makeup. Even the most excessive makeup hoarder could fill up this shoe organizer with room to spare.

shoe organizer