When I was in high school my parents gave me a beautiful white desk. No doubt they intended this desk to be the center of homework studies, but I promptly turned it into a vanity table. Clearly, hair and makeup before school were much more important than studying in the afternoon.

Ever since, I have been addicted to having a space of my own to sit down and enjoy getting ready for the day. It is the quintessential spot for a little bit of “me time.” Organizing the perfect vanity is essential to keeping your dressing table from looking like the clearance corner of Sally’s Beauty.

Here’s a few swoon-worthy vanity tables that have some key organizing elements that make them work fabulously.


    Tall shelves

I love these tall tiny shelves from IKEA because they literally fit just about anywhere. They are perfect for a vanity table because they hold a lot of tiny supplies. You can also dress them up with a few flowers or candles here and there to create a space of elegance.




If you don’t have the room for a vanity table, this rolling vanity is the perfect solution. You can keep all your beauty supplies organized and then roll it into the bathroom, kitchen table, bedside, or any corner you have space. When you’re done, it can easily be stored in a closet, corner, or cabinet so it is out of the way the rest of the day.



    Floating Shelves

This is a genius idea that literally takes up no space at all. Floating shelves give you plenty of space to corral all your supplies, and a beautiful mirror frames the space perfectly. A simple stool gives you a comfortable place to get ready, and then slip the stool away and you have a beautiful mirror as part of your home décor. This for me is a definite win-win for small space living.



    Office Desk

If you’re shopping for vanity furniture, walk right on past the traditional dressing tables and head to the office section. Office furniture will have more drawers, more space, and more versatility than a vanity table.



The vanity table is the perfect place to use that giant accent mirror you love, but you’re not sure where to put it in your home. Be sure to always put the mirror as close to the desktop as you can. If your desk is more than 12 inches deep, you might want a hand mirror for close-up applications.



Don’t forget the jewelry! Your vanity table should be within arms reach of everything you need to go from drab to fab. Include hair supplies, makeup, jewelry, scarves, and even handbags if you have the space.


Creating a beauty zone is the easiest way to pull together a fabulous look in the morning that gets you ready to take on the world.

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