Pumpkins, scarecrows, and hay bales are definitely signs that Halloween is around the corner. I love decorating for fall and Halloween.

In fact, I have nearly as many fall decorations as I have for Christmas. Something about the warm colors, the soft textures and the cute little goblins give me all the feels of fall. I love the smell of fall and the chill in the air, it all culminates with some of the darling trick-or-treaters and pumpkin dessert overload.

Storing Halloween décor once the holidays are over is an entirely different story. Pumpkin are large and awkward,  the scarecrow is floppy, the hay bales are incredibly messy, and what about all those skeleton parts? We’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide for storing Halloween décor.

Large Items:

Halloween lends itself to oversize décor. Large skeletons, full-size witches, lawn graves and other oversize decorations are darling at Halloween time, but painful to store. The best place for large items is in the garage. No need for a bin, you can corral them in a five gallon bucket, or old trash bin. Let them gather dust and they will look even more “authentic” next year. Couldn’t be easier than that right? If you have an overhead garage storage system, this is a great place for Mr. Bones.



I love pumpkins, I have at least a dozen fake pumpkins and I usually add in a dozen or more real pumpkins during the fall season. However, storing 12 round objects is awkward. Forego the bins and opt for bags. Trash bags or burlap sacks are my two favorite options. If your pumpkins are painted, wrap them in bubble, plastic, or tissue before placing them in the bag. Then they are easy to store in the garage, closet, or basement.



Small Décor:

All other small décor items should be carefully placed in a bin and labeled. You can even find black and orange bins around Halloween time. I like to use green and red bins for Christmas, black and orange for Halloween, teal and pink for spring, and clear bins for everyday home décor. That way, you can find what you need quickly in any storage room or garage.



Fall vs. Halloween

I prefer to decorate for a season, not necessarily a holiday. Fall décor brings an abundance of the pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows, cornucopias, and corn husks. Sure, I may throw in a few skeletons, witch hats, and goblins for Halloween, but a lot of Halloween decorations can continue on through Thanksgiving. Leave out all the pumpkins, add in more leaves and husks. Replace the skeletons with pilgrims, the witches hats with turkeys and you’re ready for Thanksgiving dinner without completely redecorating your home.